Not So New Goals

What is it about September that makes everything think of new starts? I’m totally one of those people, but it’s funny that this association is probably because of the school year beginning. I also admit I am always jealous of everyone heading back to school as I wish I was too. Or as I have just re-read the last Harry Potter book I would rather be going back to Hogwarts!



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But I’ve got my own fresh start to think about. My not so new goal is as always to lose weight and increase my fitness. I really want to make the last third of 2013 the best possible and not look back on the year and be disappointed with my progress.

My focus is to be ready for the 2014 triathlons at my local lake. The first one will be in May and I want to have reached a few milestones in order to gain the rewards I have set myself, that will in turn benefit my triathlon performance. That is the long term focus, but the short term is what I really struggle with. I have lost the ability to delay gratification and go for instant satisfaction – and by that I mean food!

So it’s time to get that back!

I broken out my half used FitBook to go back to manually tracking my food and exercise and also my thoughts. I have a new waiting for me after.


I’m going to use my heart rate monitor to work my body in the most efficient zones (after having to replace the transmitter).

I’ve set up a spreadsheet to monitor performance and see those changes I might not see otherwise. Plus I love spreadsheets and graphs 🙂

I’m going to keep myself accountable by posting a weekly review each Wednesday. I’m going by more than just what the scales say, so really want to make sure I am reviewing everything and how I feel about it. Also I’ll go back to looking at the weekly WeightWatchers meeting topics to keep me focused.

Lastly I’ve set reminders in my calendar to do my fit book and blog posts, so no excuses!

It’s not going to be easy, but I know what I want to achieve and have a picture of the me I see competing in the triathlons next year. I will make the changes I want to make and be honest with myself a long the way.

I’ve bought my first incentive – a new purple swimming costume in the size below what I currently wear!


Let’t do this!

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