Adventures in Food… Foodie Penpal August 2013

Posting this slightly late as thought it was meant to go up tomorrow!

This month I received a lovely parcel from the lovely Selina who blogs at Thrift Street, a wonderful blog about living a fantastic life without it costing a fortune – something that is very important for me right now. I was super excited to recieve my parcel like I am every month. It’s a parcel full of goodies just for me!


I received this wonderfully colourful card and also a recipe for soup (which I haven’t made yet, but will do once it gets chillier).


My parcel came beautifully wrapped in brown paper and orange tissue paper, so everything was a surprise!


First up was a sourdough bread mix. I made this last weekend. I got up early on Sunday to head out for a long run, but knew I needed to eat before, so had to kill some time so decided to make this up and let it rise while I was running. A fantastic plan as I then cooked it for lunch and had fresh bread straight from the oven. I’m going to start doing this before swimming! This mix was also great. Super easy to make and tasted great too!


To go with the bread Selina sent me this Cherry Amour – a lower sugar jam with while cherries in. I love cherries and this is great. I had it on the bread above, but I like it better in plain yogurt – amazing! I’m to keep an eye out for this as it’s like jam, but nicer I think.


Next up was a favourite of mine – Nak’d Bars – but in new flavours! This are amazing. I usually go for the cashew cookie or coco orange, but the banana crunch is my new favourite! Excellent snack for before or after a run.


Next up was a tin of mustard powder. I’ve never used this before so was glad when Selina included a few suggestions. I tried it sprinkled on top of cheese on toast and I would totally recommend it – added flavour without the calories!


Lastly there was a treat in the form of jelly beans! I love jelly beans, but rarely have them. I poured these out into a bowl and munched through them during my friday night movie at home. Some excellent flavours, but a bit hard to tell a few apart just from the colours.


A big thank you to Selina, for a wonderfully thought though parcel that included a great mix of goodies I really enjoyed!

I sent my parcel over to Steph and Luke who blog at Foodylicious. So head over there to see what I sent. They were also super kind to send me a book on baking bread after reading my 29 by 29 posts – I’m going to blog about this book once I’ve made a recipe or two 🙂

I totally recommend joining in with Foodie Penpals. It’s a great way to find new blogs and meet new people to share foodie loves with. Head over to Rock Salt for information on how to join in!


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