A Long Run

Yesterday I ran the furthest I’ve ever run – 9.5 Miles!

It was hard, but I reached on the book and asked my fellow running club runners if anyone had a long run planned for the weekend a 4/5 people came back saying yes. That was one of the hardest things I’ve made myself do in a while. Asking other people for help doesn’t bother me when it comes to knowledge and understanding, but asking people for company and friendship is hard. It’s definitely a fear of rejection. But I did it and was glad I did.

We set out at 8am yesterday morning and I had a plan to run 9 miles.  I got up an hour before and had breakfast (also made bread) and drank lots of water and coffee. I also set myself up with water and gels ready to be tested. I think I got everything right before hand and that helped a lot.

I set off at the same pace as the other girls and then dropped back once we reached the road. I settled into 12/13 mile pace and kept it going. I stopped to walk every so often to take on water, even though I carried water with me. I have decided to walk through the water stations during the half so it’t good practice.

I hit mile 4/5 and my knee began to hurt, but I’d gotten some advice and concentrated on keeping my upper body upright and shoulders back and therefore my core engaged. I think my knee pain is from my legs muscles disengaging as I get tired because my core had disengaged. It took another mile, but then I was okay as long as I keep my upper body working.  The I was able to carry on until the end.



I also came to realise it doesn’t matter about my pace. If it takes me three hours to run the half marathon, than it takes three hours. My goal is to be able to run it all if I can and however I can. So I’m going to take it slowly.

Then I’m going back to trialthons next year as I really don’t enjoy running for more than an hour. Although this time I listened to Jillain Michael’s podcasts and that was a good idea 🙂

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