Adventures in Food… Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

I decided to copy my friend Ingrid the other day and make pumpkin cinnamon rolls after seeing her photo on Instagram – they looked amazing!



So I asked her for the recipe and it’s from Smitten Kitchen!


I decieded to make double the amount as I wanted to use pretty much a whole can. I’m not great at using pumpkin so couldn’t think of anything else to use it with. Also I hate wasting things. I also decided to freeze them individally so I could just get one out at a time as it’s just me.



They came out really well. My yeast was out of date, so they didn’t rise as much as they could have, but I didn’t mind. I also didn’t make the icing as didn’t want to make a batch and waste it and also didn’t want to tempt myself and end up eating it all.  I cooked the ends of the two rolls I made and they came out great. There is a lot of sugar and it caramelised nicely.


These have a fantastic flavour! They are great hot and nice and warming on your tummy. These are going to be great going into autumn as it’s already starting to get darker earlier and be darker in the mornings when I get up. These will be a great after running/swimming breakfast 🙂

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