29 by 29 Update 7

This month’s update on the goals set back in January!

  1. Move into my own place – Complete!
  2. Adopt a cat – Waiting until I have my finances sorted out.
  3. Do a Super Sprint Triathlon – 200m swim, 20km bike, 2.5km run – Complete!
  4. Take part in running club events and volunteer to help when I can’t take part
    1. High Worth 5 = 54:50
    2. Broad Town 5 = 57:14
    3. Cardiff Half Marathon = October
    4. Sodbury Slog = November
  5. Do the Parkrun once a month and volunteer as a marshall
    1. January = 38:19
    2. February = 34:40
    3. March = 34:42
    4. April = 33:51
    5. May = Triathlon (Broken Toe) and 5km Race for Life 36:42
    6. June = Broad Town 5
    7. July = Started Half Marathon Training
    8. August
  6. Bake more bread – put a bread baking book on my WW goal reward list
  7. Complete the CBT Journal for Dummies – Got delayed with the move and getting proper CBT therapist, but will pick up again
  8. Read more classic books as part of my 2013 reading challenge – I’m going to make sure I do this over the remainder of the year
  9. Stick to my budget and save for holidays and house things – the first part of this is more important than ever!
  10. Take a bike maintenance course – went to Origin Cycles to learn how to change a tyre and will keep trying to learn bits and pieces over time – Complete
  11. Join a WW meeting and work towards goal – decided to do this in May
  12. Blog – maybe a redesign  – Complete!
  13. Plan budget friendly trips  – exploring locally 🙂
  14. Try acupuncture – this is going to depend on finances 🙁
  15. Keep working to create and maintain good mental health – Working on this and it has really become an important aspect of my life 🙂
  16. Join a coffee club
    1. Made this a reward for WW goals
    2. Also bought Kopi nas a present for my Dad, who has given it to me
    3. Joined Hasbean coffee for a monthly delivery
  17. Take part in the Masters galas and club championships
    1. February Gala – 2 Golds and 2 Silvers!
    2. July Gala – 2 Golds and 2 Silvers – 2nd Woman in League!
    3. Next one October
  18. Work out savings plan for trip to Japan – this is on hold 🙁
  19. Catch up on Greys Anatomy – not done yet, but have watched:
    1. Castle seasons 1 to 4
    2. Once Upon a Time season 1
    3. The Walking Dead season 1
    4. Doctor Who series 1 and 2 so far
  20. Get regular haircuts – Going well 🙂
  21. Move forward with my life and make new friends – making work friends and at running club
  22. Do my best at my new job
    1. Making my password mantras as have to type them in multiple times day
    2. Having a rethink about what I want to do longer term
    3. Commute is getting harder so looking for opportunities closer to home
    4. Thinking about another move
  23. Keep my commute healthy – Getting fed up and tired now
  24. Listen to Harry Potter audiobooks – Books one, two and three, five, six, and now on seven as we speak 🙂
  25. Get rid of stuff I no longer need when I move – Complete!
  26. Use the mantra ‘F**k It’ – trying to remember this
  27. Take up pilates or yoga – might have to get a dvd to do this one
  28. Create photo albums for all my trips
  29. Try two new recipes a month from my cook books
    1. March –
      1. Chicken & Bacon bake
      2. Proper poached eggs
    2. April
      1. Beef Chilli
      2. Pancakes
    3. May
      1. Braised Leeks and Rainbow Kale
      2. Salmon poached with lemon
    4. June
      1. Tasty scrambled eggs
      2. Biscotti
    5. July
      1. Lemon Fairy Cakes
      2. Fruity Sponge
    6. August
      1. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
      2. Noodle Ramen Soup

I can’t believe how much of the year has gone already. I still feel I’m waiting for something to happen and it’s frustrating as I don’t know what it is.

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