Adventures in Coffee… Hasbean Guatemala El Bosque Amatitian


This was my first coffee from Hasbean now they do a monthly subscription. I couldn’t justify the weekly subscription, but could do with two bags a month, so will continue to find other coffees to try as well as get a different one delivered 🙂

The reason why I wanted to use Hasbean is because of all the information on the website about how to brew coffee and about the In My Mug video series they do about each coffee every week. I really want to learn more about the coffee I drink so thought this would be the best way to do so.

The first coffee I’ve been sent is a bestseller called Guatemala El Bosque Amatitian and I really enjoyed it. I love Guatemala coffees, so knew I would be in good hands.


I tried this coffee using a french press and my espresso machine. I also plan to try it through my filter cone. I do find each method brings out slightly different flavours, so it’s always worth trying. I loved the french press the best, which is great for my journey to work and my press travel mug!




The flavours you get from this is chocolate and apple. This is definitely an area I need to work on. I preferred this coffee black. On the video they used the kalita wave, rather than the filter cone. I haven’t got one of those, but plan on expanding my coffee brewing techniques over the next year 😉

Just found my link on how to embed youtube videos so here is the one for this coffee!

I love that Steve has been out to the family who grows the beans. This coffee is form a farm that first started out in 1932! It’s so nice and interesting to learn not just about the coffee, but also the people who spend their lives growing it for us. A big thank you to you! My favourite bit is The Map Bit 🙂

Favourite quote – Life is too short for bad coffee!

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