Adventures in Coffee… Kopi Finca Muxbai



This was my last coffee from the 3 month subscription  I got for my dad (then got to use myself).  It came at the perfect time as the temperature rose outside I still needed coffee to get me to work and this one was great!

It’s described as – “a dreamy summer coffee… sweet and floral”



This is the first Mexican coffee I’ve tired I think. It was noticeably different from my got to blends or beans. It was lighter and more floral in nature. It’s grown on the slopes of the Tacana volcano and Muxbal means ‘surrounded by clouds’. It is also by the Gutemala border, where my favourite coffees originate, so it must have some similarities.


The tasting notes said this had honey, peach and dark chocolate flavours, and I would agree with the honey and peach, but not the chocolate for me. It was too light for that, I thought, but also I might just might not have found it.

I preferred this coffee black in a french press or espresso. It didn’t go well with milk for me. I think it wasn’t bold enough to cover the milk taste. It also had a lighter colour than my favourite coffees, so looked a bit watery with milk.

Overall a different and good coffee for me to try. That is what I enjoy about the coffee subscriptions as it makes me try different coffees!


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