Adventures in Books… The Throne of Fire


This is the second book in the Kane Chronicles series. I listened to the first one on audiobook, but I got the other two from the library to read before bed to break my habit of watching tv in bed. I’ve had mixed results, but I really want to stop it!

So back to the book. I quite enjoy kids stories. They are simpler than adult books. There is innocence about them that I love. Maybe there is less politics. I don’t know.

These books are set in modern times bringing the Egyptian gods and myths together. I think I said before they are very similar to the Percy Jackson series, just Egyptian instead of Greek. I’m not as keen on this series as I am for Percy Jackson, but they are still enjoyable. I think it’s because it switches between Carter and Sadie as narrators. This gives you a fuller picture of what is happening in the story, but I like getting to know characters through seeing everything from one point of view. So I find the way this is written less engaging for me.

However I love the story. It’s adventure, with danger and love thrown into the mix. The characters are interesting and easy to get to know. There were more characters introduced in this book and I really like them. They add another dynamic to the main characters relationships. This also moves away from the parent/child relationships and more to relationships with people of the same age.

This book also feels more like a journey. I love journey books, which is probably why I love trilogies so much. I love being introduced to the characters, then getting to know them, then rooting for them to overcome the obstacles.

I’ve already started the third book 🙂

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