Adventures in Audiobooks… Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


I am getting so close to the end I can feel it. I have to say listening to these books has felt like reading them for the first time all over again. I don’t know what it is, but I can feel the same feelings I had when I first read them back through school and university. This one came out just as I arrived home from my year in Canada, where I met two equally Harry potter obsessed people – you know who you are!

Maybe it’s having someone read them to me. Stephen Fry is amazing as the narrator and I completely forget it is him when he switches between characters. His narration pulls me into the story and keeps me there. I wanted to go straight on to book seven after this, but decided to listen to at least one different boon in between to length the first time reading feeling.

I definitely prefer the later books in the series to the earlier ones. I like the darker storylines and the ever increasing danger. You know you are working towards a climax, but there is no way to tell which way it will go. This book had one of the biggest shocks in it for me. I did not see it coming and would hate to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read the book (although I doubt we would get on if you haven’t read the books!), but losing that character threw me into turmoil. How could Harry survive? He had already lost so many people, how could he find the strength to carry on? And part of me asks why should he?

Maybe that is why we love these books and the characters. They portray people we would love to be. I know I would love to have Hermione’s smarts and the courage of any of the Dumbledore’s Army would be amazing. The characters are what keep the story going. I love the development of Draco Malfoy. Don’t get me wrong he is a nasty piece of work, but the journey he goes on is a hard one, coming to a pivotal point in this book.

I love this book because it still takes place in school. They all have to deal with normal life issues, such as homework and detentions, while figuring out what the evil outside is doing. Learning about Voldemort and his time at Hogworts, is also another favourite thing about this book for me. He was also an external figure before this book and then we realise he was once just like Harry, but chose a different path.

At the end of this book I had no idea how the series would end. It threw me off completely. I remembering thinking I would not be surprised either way. I can’t believe I had to wait two years after this one for the final book. How did I handle that? Honestly I would love to know how I did as I could use a bit of that for my life in general.

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