Why Am I Doing A Half Marathon?!

Why did I sign up to a half marathon?

  • Because everyone else was doing it and 13 miles didn’t seem so far now I was running 6 miles non-stop.

Why am I asking myself this question now?

  • Because 13 miles seems a long way away when I’m still only running 6 miles a month later.

Those are just my surface thoughts though. I know there are more reasons or more substantial reasons than these that are affecting the mind set when it comes to training for this event.

So why do I want to be able to say I’ve run a half marathon?

  • That is the real question. I want the medal. I to feel I’ve achieved something I never thought I would. To see if I like long distance running, like I like long distance swimming. So I never have to do one again. To increase my fitness levels using a different form of exercise than previously used. To feel like I belong with the running club a bit more than before. To feel like I’m working towards something when everything else feels like its stalled or going backwards.

Why I doubt that I’ll be able to do this?

  • I’m afraid of failing. I’m afraid of not being able to run the whole way, which is what I set out to do. I’m afraid of not enjoying it. I’m afraid of letting myself down and the disappointment.

These are the thoughts that are influencing my mind set really. The fears that really hold me back. The ideas that spurred me on to think I could do this.

So what can I do to make it possible?

  • Set a revised training plan – with flexibility to deal with the heat and to include water stops
  • Plan on not running the whole way – initially I’m think walk at water stops every 3-4 miles and include it in my training from now on
  • Make a meal plan and stick to it – to lose weight, save money and use veg box
  • Think positive – I’m going to start a Pinterest board for this and maybe do a vision board at home to be able to see all the time

So I have a plan. As you can probably tell I love plans. I love spread sheets. I love anything I can spend hours looking over and fitting together. Except puzzles, I don’t like puzzles! The problem is following through. I’m not looking forward to doing it. I usually get a buzz for signing up, planning and training for an event, even if it doesn’t all go to plan. But with this I’m not getting that. It feels like a chore. But I know I want to do it.

I have a big goal next year. I’m committing to going on holiday with my sister and therefore I need to save money and lose weight before that. The half marathon training will help me do that and be a 6 month before marker for me. So I’ve planned out my fitness up to the event and my meals for August. This is all working towards the me I want to be and that means making changes and not letting myself slip into old, easy, unhelpful habits.

It’s time to change my attitude and my body for me!

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