Adventures in Food… July Foodie Penpal

My last foodie penpal parcel was sent to me by the lovely Gill over at Tales of the Pigling Bland – thank you for all the goodies!20130729-201134.jpg

I forgot to take a photo of the box before tearing it open. Honestly i get super excited to receive these parcels I can’t wait to see what’s inside. Gill covered the box in lovely stickers – I am going to copy this for future parcel decorations! Gill sent me a fantastic box of goodies and a lovely note and some stickers

First up was a yummy bag of peanuts and orange cranberries. I am not a huge fan of cranberries, but these were fantastic. I ate them after a run and they made a great post workout snack, so I am going to buying these every now and then 🙂


Next up chocolate rice cakes!20130729-201148.jpg

It has been really hot here in the UK, so not the best time to send chocolate – the ricecakes came stuck together – and yes I did eat all four in one go, the other four I crushed up and had with yogurt a couple of time – both yummy options 🙂 20130729-201155.jpg


The other items were equally fantastic. Some caraway seeds Gill said are great in flat breads, so I plan on getting some bread flour in to try this out. Next up were chia seeds, which I love so it always great to get those. A new item for me is cassia bark, which is supposed to be used like cinnamon, but has a more woody flavour. I haven’t tried it out yet, but am thinking of making a big batch of proper stove top porridge and adding this for something different. Gill also included some cake decorations and mini cases, which I plan on using next time I make a cake by doing some extra mini cupcakes. Lastly a bottle of whiskey liqueur, which Gill has informed me a great over ice cream, so that is the plan for that little naughty treat 🙂


Something I thought was great was that Gill used a copy of a very appropriate book cover as note paper. So simple, but I loved it and it made me smile so much 🙂20130729-201206.jpgThank you Gill so much!

If you want to take part in foodie pen pals head over to Rock Salt’s blog to sign up!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Food… July Foodie Penpal

  1. Glad you liked it – great use of those cranberries as a running snack. The little fruit packets are often on 4 for …£x at Tesco, and there’s loads of different mixes

    1. Excellent, I will making a trip there soon. I just found the orange cranberries so nice and I love the single serve packets too 🙂

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