Adventures in Audiobooks… Inferno



It’s been a hectic few weeks and I feel really out of touch with my blog and other blogs I enjoy reading. But I have been steadily progressing with reading and listening to books. I can’t say enough how much easier they make long car journeys, especially the ones you have to do every single day.

This book was an impulse buy when Audible had a credit sale on last month. I have enjoyed the other books by Dan Brown. They are fast paced thrillers, that can’t be taken too seriously. My favourite is still Deception Point, followed by Angels and Demons.

This books starts off seeing Robert Langdon waking up not knowing where he is or how he got there. I quite liked this start as it took the reader on a journey with the main character to find out what had happened and why. It was hard to know who to trust as there were many plot twists and character revelations over the course of the book. The only character I felt any connection with was Langdon, and I think that was just because I have read other books with him as the main character and therefore knew him best. None of the other characters were that engaging which was a shame.

The over premise was a little far-fetched, but at the same time understandable. A global pandemic to control population growth; It has happened naturally before, so why not now? It seems funny that an art professor would be drawn into this kind of plot, but the link to history and the useful of historical figures/artefacts does require someone of that background to fully connect the dots. Some of the dots were far apart and connected via pathways I didn’t fully understand, but I just went with it and enjoyed the pace.

I quite liked listening to this book. I find Dan Brown’s writing style pulls me in and each chapter ends with me wanting to carry on. The joy of being in the car meant I stopped when my journey ended and picked it up again when my next one started. I didn’t give this top marks on Goodreads, but average. I base my ratings on whether I would read it again, and I don’t think I would with this one. It was nice to read something a bit different.

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