Adventures in Audiobooks… Whispers Underground



I really enjoy listening to these audio books. I think it’s the narrator as well as the story really, plus I’ve got to know the characters over three books now.

In this book (book 3 of I don’t know how many) I really felt more connected to the main characters. It has taken time, but I like them now. Maybe they were not introduced well in the first books, or maybe it was my disappointment over the story not being what I expected. But I’m glad I stuck with them.

These are really crime stories with magic being part of the world, but not the whole world. I think this way of thinking about them has made them more intriguing to me. I think with the first book I was expecting an adult version of Harry Potter – like reading about then when they all work at the Ministry of Magic. But it wasn’t like that and I think I was disappointed. But now I like them in their own right. The magic adds another layer to the story, but it’s more about the people and the world around them.

What I really liked about this books was that the overarching story that was introduced in the first book and I felt not covered in great detail in the second, was more explicit in this story. There is a bigger world than the main characters knew about. There are more players in the game than they realised and they know nothing about them. This layer of intrigue has got me glued in for the rest of the series.

The individual story of this book was interesting too. It didn’t involve the rivers so much, but rather the underground of London, which is a world in its own right. This one wasn’t as dark as the previous one, but somehow I found this one more interesting. I like that these books are set in modern day London, but show a world that it would probably be easy not to see unless you knew it was there. I still find the detail of the geography of London in these books fascinating – the only thing that would make these books even better would be if they included maps!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Audiobooks… Whispers Underground

  1. Agreed 100%! It doesn’t help that they market them as ‘the adult Harry Potter’ (or at least they did at the Waterstones where I bought the first one). I expected the same, but once I got over that disappointment, I quite liked them 🙂
    The fourth one’s out tomorrow, actually! I got an email from amazon about it, but it’s still super expensive for the kindle so I’m holding off for a bit (maybe it’ll be one of my treats when I finish this craziness!)…

    1. Yes I think that was it. I was expecting for it to be more magic focused, but it’s definitely more crime focused, which I like. I tempted to get the fourth on Audible as it’s out already 🙂

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