June Goals Update

A bit late, but I needed to post an update on this, more for myself than my blog.

  • Wear a skirt to work once a week – 4 days – COMPLETE
  • Stick to the budget I’ve set my self for the month – NO
  • Lose 6lbs by completing my food journal and going to a Weightwatchers meeting once a week – NO
  • Get back to running as my toe heals and get a half marathon training plan (also swimming on e my eyes are healed – COMPLETE
  • Go to the gym twice a week – 6 OUT OF 8
  • Study twice a week – TWICE
  • Project twice a week – TWICE
  • Get up at 6am to do a task before heading to work – COMPLETE

Overall I completed about 57% of my goals. I’m disappointed that I didn’t hit 80%, but I’m happy I’m being honest with myself. I know I need to put more effort into the areas of my life I want to improve and change. It takes hard work and I think I’ve been in denial expecting things to go my way without putting the work in.

So that’s my plan for July – to put the work into where I need to put it and work to succeed, rather than wait for it to happen to me.

I will make my dreams come true.

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