Adventures in Food…June Foodie Penpal

I rejoined the foodie penpals this month and am very happy I did. I enjoy being part of something in the blog world and getting to know other people.

This month I received a fantastic parcel from Laima, whose Lithuanian living in the UK. Laima has a blog in Lithuanian, but I was happy to look at the photos, even if I couldn’t understand the writing. So I was expecting some different things in my parcel and was not disappointed.


I opened the box to find a lovely hand written letter explaining why she sent each item. I love this part as I love the thought that goes behind each item and it makes me think about the person when I try each item too. Laima also included a soup recipe, which I am yet to try, but as it involves peas I will do as I love peas 🙂


First up was a couple of different teas and as you know I love tea! These were both teas I haven’t tried before which is extremely exciting. A lovely raspberry tea, which not only smells nice, but tastes fruity and lovely. I am wary over fruit teas as a lot don’t live up to the smell, but this is really nice hot, and Laima tells me its great cold too. I need a bit of warmth then I’ll make it iced.20130624-204413.jpg

The second tea is amazing! A chocolate tea with some warming spices. This is perfect for those times I crave chocolate, but don’t want to go over my points intake. I have hit and miss experiences with YogiTea, but this a a big hit!


The third item is coffee – extra strong hangover coffee! I haven’t tried this yet, but what is not to love about strong coffee 🙂20130624-204420.jpg

I told Laima I love to try new things and weird is also good. So for a weird item she sent me dried squid! She says is normally a snack to go with beer, so plan to take it to my sisters next time I visit and grab some beer to give it a go in a social setting. I might need a push to try it 🙂



Next up were pumpkin seeds in the shell. I have never bought them like this so its great fun to ahve a go at getting them out. A good fiddly snack that means I don’t over eat them20130624-204435.jpg

Next up was my favourite item from the parcel – coffee chocolate bars! These combine two of my favourite things! What’s not to love! These are Lithuanian and a favourite snack form her school days. However I think these are way better than my equivalent of wagon wheels. I am now on the look out for my closest Lithuanian food shop!


“Almond butter? Because it’s so much better than peanut butter.” A quote direct from Laima’s letter and I couldn’t agree more. I am happy as I was just coming to the end of a cashew nut butter, so this couldn’t have come at a better time.




Last, but definitely not least was coffee chocolate – AMAZING!20130624-204452.jpg

This parcel was a mix of things I love and new things I now love. Also thrown in for variety a bit of weird. It’s got me thinking for next month already. Don’t forget if you want to join in go over to This Is Rock Salt and sign up for next month!

A huge thank you to Laima, I was not disappointed at all 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Adventures in Food…June Foodie Penpal

  1. Oh I’m so glad it arrived and you like it. that was only the second parcel I sent, I do need more experience 😀

    About raspberry tea, oh dear, there goes my English, it’s good when you have a cold, I mean a sore throat and stuff 😀 Although the tea is tasty cold too, I’d add a slice of lemon too.

    I need to go buy some cashew butter now.

    1. It was excellent! I love getting things and also knowing the thought process behind each item in the parcel. I’m yet to try the squid, but I promise I will!

      1. Squid is good, I promise 😀 It’s pretty salty and tastes a bit like beef jerky I guess. All the dried foods tastes similar. 🙂 Just try it! 😀

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