Adventures in Tea… Cupp Bubble Tea

I completely forgot this adventure in tea! I just found the pictures on my phone 🙂

So a new container tea shop opened in Bristol  this year and it serves bubble tea! I love this weird tea with tapioca pearls. It was a lovely sunny day so it was perfect for an iced bubble tea.



I went for the matcha iced tea. It was basically a matcha latte with bubbles. I loved it! They even had the japanese tops that get heated onto the cup after the drink is made. Then you get the thick straw that the bubbles can go up. Bubble tea makes me happy. My sister also tried one, a hot black tea with bubbles, which was sweeter than I would have liked, but also good.20130616-115117.jpg

What I also loved about this place was the simplicity, but coolness about it. It’s a shipping container that has been kitted out to be a small cafe. They have enough room that if it was raining a few groups could sit inside under cover. They also had lots of blocks or old tea crates as stalls to sit on.20130616-115127.jpg

I also loved the art work inside – simple but effective.20130616-115135.jpgI am getting more and more tempted to move to Bristol in a couple of years. I love so many things in the city, that it makes sense.


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