Adventures in Audiobooks… Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


This is my favourite book! Hands down!

I’ve been a bit slack with book updates this month, but that is because I’ve had a few on the go that are all getting close to finishing, plus having time off work meant it took longer to get through this long book.

Tis is the fifth book in the series (as if you didn’t know that) and the longest. I think this is the one that jumps into being much darker than the others. I first remember reading this one when I was sixteen and doing my GCSEs at school. Maybe it resonated with me then for different reasons, but now it resonates because I think Harry was in a depressive stat throughout the story. Something awful happened at the of the last book and now he is having trouble processing it, while everyone else if getting on as normal (it seems). I understood his frustration, anger and mistrust of those he holds most dear. I understood the mind reading thoughts when trying to understand his friends and the desire to push them away. I understood his feeling of being completely alone even when surrounded by people. This book was his hell.

The premise is the same as previous books being based around the school year. But the school is the same and changes are happening that Harry and his friends have no control over, which slowly take away everything they love about school. Building up a group of like minded people’s what they do in response and take the only action they can to defend themselves. Creating the DA and going behind a horrible teachers back is probably the dream of every school kid out there. Watching the people you despise be given authority because they are favourited rather than earned it.

I still love Stephen Fry as the narrator and would love him to narrate every book I listen too. I love that he does a different voice for each character, but not so much that it distracts from the story. I see a different world when listening to him read than I remember when I read them. I try to imagine it differently from the movies, but sometimes it’s difficult.

Only two more books to go. I’m already sad as its like them coming out for the first time all over again. I’m excited to listen, but don’t want them to end!

I’ve got a few new ones coming up as I bought some extra Audible credits last month, so I get to delay the next one for a month or a bit longer 🙂

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