Adventures in Tea… teapigs Lemongrass Lemonade

Last one (for now) of my tea cocktails and this was a surprise favourite after yesterdays super fruity G&T.

teapigs kindly sent me a range of teas and lemongrass is one I had tried before, but wasn’t a fan of as a hot tea, so thought about other ways to use it that would allow the lemongrass flavour to come across, but not overpower it. So I went with adding Italian limoncello!


So I made it into a alcoholic lemonade. This turned out to be super refreshing and tasting, with a kick from the limoncello and lemongrass.

Take a measure of cold lemincello and add tonic and ice to a tall glass. Brew the lemongrass tea as we’ve done before with just enough hot water to cover the tea and leave for at least 3 minutes. Once brewed at the tall glass and stir. Squeeze at least a quarter of a lemon into the glass (I used half for extra kick) and any more ice you want and enjoy!20130527-192446.jpgI loved this turned into cloudy lemonade shade of yellow. This is going to become a staple in my summer cocktail list and I cannot wait to try it on my sister, who went to Italy with me where I got the limoncello! This could probably be made in a larger batch to put into a jug or serving bowl. I’m thinking of a BBQ drink 🙂

That’s it for my week of tea cocktails, but I think I will try more ideas over the summer to share. I have a few different teapigs left that I haven’t used so will save them to experiment with 🙂


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