Adventures in Tea… teapigs Super Fruity G&T

I’ve got this one and another one for you tomorrow in my adventures in tea cocktails – today featuring the teapigs super fruit tea!


I’m a fan of this tea already, so was super happy to receive it from teapigs to make cocktails. This a great hot or cold as a tea, so I decided to got for a simple, yet amazing cocktail – the super fruity G&T!

I love a good G&T, but they can get a bit boring just using tonic and lemon. I like to add red apple or try other fruit, but this is a great way to add flavour, without the added calories of fruit juice or syrups.

So grab your favourite gin and add it to ice and tonic. Brew the tea in another glass using enough water to cover the bag and leave for at least 3 minutes to get the flavour, longer for stronger. The pour in the gin, tonic and ice mix and stir. Add more ice if it’s melted and enjoy relaxing in the sun!20130527-192722.jpg

I also suggest funky shaped ice cubes. I went for star ones and a sparkly straw – felt like summer!


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