Adventures in Tea… teapigs Chilli London Fog

Today is a different type of cocktail. More a winter one, then for for summer, but worth it!




Today uses the teapigs Chilli Chai tea. A lovely warming tea, with an added kick from chilli. I decided to make a London Fog as I remember trying this while in Canada last year and really enjoyed it.

You need to make the tea using boiling water, enough to cover the tea bag and brew it for 3 minutes or longer if you like it strong. Then add some vanilla syrup (I used vanilla syrup for coffee) and vodka (I used a fig flavoured version as it’s as close to vanilla as I had). The steam (or heat up milk) to pour over the mix and there you go – a Chilli London Fog!
20130527-192901.jpgThis is a nice evening cocktail or alcoholic tea latte or anytime you need warming up with a kick.

Hope you’re enjoying a bit of a different week! If you have any questions do ask as I’m more than happy to answer 🙂


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