Adventures in Tea… teapigs Jasmine Martini

20130527-192544.jpgFirst up in my adventures in teapigs tea cocktails is the Jasmine Martini.

I love me a martini. A simple drink made up of three ingredients – Martini, Vodka/Gin and Ice. I also love to add a piece of frozen fruit in the glass normally, but I was not sure what would go with this so kept it simple.

What you need:

So to make this I used the last of a bottle of vodka to infuse with the jasmine pearls. I put the pearls into the vodka and left it for a couple of hours to transfer the flavour to the vodka. Then strain in through a make your own teabag into the cocktail shaker full of ice. Add the martini and shake to make sure the two spirits mix and get cold. Serve in the martini glass.

Warning – this is a very dry drink! I wasn’t expecting how dry it was and did end up adding some tonic to make it a longer drink half way through. If I was to make it again I would add sugar or syrup to the vodka to make it sweeter.

It definitely got me thinking about other ways to use tea and what flavours I like to go together. I think this would go quite well will a frozen lychee as decoration, so maybe add some of the lychee syrup to make it sweeter.

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Tea… teapigs Jasmine Martini

  1. This seems crazy (in a good way!) to me! I wish I were closer so I could try some of these – it looks like it’s going to be an interesting experiment! What a great way to use some tea… do you make lots of cocktails? Or are you learning how to do this as you go? Either way I’m impressed! And am expecting one when I come visit 😉

    1. It’s totally weird, but a great way to use tea differently and it’s also getting me to try different teas 🙂
      I don’t normally make cocktails as I using stick to a martini or G&T as I don’t keep a lot of different spirits or mixers so simple is easy.
      I’m just going with what I’ve got and having a go and thinking about how I could change them to make them better, but haven’t got time to do them all as don’t drink that much.

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