Adventures in Coffee… Kopi Kibungere Washing Station


This month’s coffee from my Dad’s subscription is the Kibungere Washing Station. I enjoyed this coffee in a French press and in my espresso machine. It is a very light coffee, so was a bit overpowered by the milk when I made a latte, but it was lovely and mild black.

The coffee is described as having flavours of sweet pear, almond and black cherry. I didn’t pick out these flavours, but i did notice it having a very delicate flavours. Mild and sweet, but still a round coffee flavour.

The coffee is from a land locked area of central Africa. It is said to be a new area for coffee and again having he notes come with the coffee was really interesting and insightful into the world of coffee.


I love having a chess to this information and would really like to continue with this once my dads subscription ends. It is opening me up to a new world of coffee, which I hadn’t realised was there and now I want to explore further.


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