I Can See Clearly Now…

I’ve had laser eye surgery!

I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few weeks as its been a bit up and down. But this last weekend I’ve not been allowed to look at screens to let my eyes heal.

On Friday I went to stay with my sister to have my eyes lasered so I would not longer need glasses. It’s great! Now, although before, during and right after were not so fun.

It was not an easy decision to make to get this done as it is so bloody expensive. I talked it over with my sister and parents and then took some time to decide while looking at my finances. However weighing it up with buying glasses for the next fifteen to twenty years it about evens out money wise. Therefore it really came down to my lifestyle and the fact I didn’t want to deal with contact lenses. Training for my triathlon while wearing glasses was a pain. They kept steaming up and I was afraid I was going to break them. That did it for me really. I knew I would enjoy things a lot more if I didn’t have to wear glasses for seeing into the distance. So I decided to go for it. Before I could actually get it done I had to take into account I’m not allowed to swim for up to a month and also no vigorous exercises, where sweat could run into my eyes for at least a week, maybe two. So I had to decide when would be convenient.

So Friday was the day. I had done my triathlon and the next gala is not until July. Also I’ve not got any running events until mid June, but with breaking my toe and needing another week or so for it to heal means running isn’t an issue.

I went down to my sisters and she drove me to Optical Express in Bristol.i had to have a few of the eye tests again to make sure nothing had changed since the initial assessment. Nothing had changed so it was just a case of waiting for my time and filling out an updated medical form. This is when I got nervous. I had done quite well leading up until that point and as it drew very close the nerves started to kick in. However everyone I saw that day were great and friendly and explained every thing. They also didn’t drag things out, which for me was great as it didn’t give me time to think too much.

So the actual surgery was over super quick. They take you in the room, out drops in your eyes and lay you down between two lasers so they can swing you between the two.it took less than 4 minutes an eye and honestly I didn’t notice the lasers at all! They do one to create the flap and then use the other to reshape the eye then put the flap back into place. They do that on both eyes and then put more drops in. I could feel a bit of pressure and smell a bit of burning but that was it. They put something in my eyes to stop me blinking, but I couldn’t feel it at all.

My worries were about staying still and not blinking, but they kept telling me to relax and look at the lights, so that is what I did. One person told me to think of my favourite song and sing it twice, but in the moment I couldn’t, so kept saying to myself look at the light.

It was disorientating after. I didn’t want to blink or move my eyes on their own, so I was moving my head to look at things. Also things were very hazy, not blurry, but also though there was fog everywhere. They then took me through the eye drops I have to use for a week after and then let me go home right away. My sister drove, while I kept my eyes shut. They recommended I went to bed straight away for a few hours, so I did (any excuse for an afternoon nap). I put on an audiobook and tried to sleep. This was the worst part as the pain started to kick in and my eyes wouldn’t stop watering. I couldn’t get comfortable at this point either. They gave me goggles to wear, but as my eyes were watering I kept my sunglasses on. The pain did ease and I did sleep for a bit. In the evening my eyes were still hazy, but mailing felt like I had a lash stuck in them, which went away when I put new drops in.

The next morning things were way better. I could see clearly, but was sensitive to light. I had to head back to Optical Express for a day after check up. I kept reading things I wouldn’t have been able to without my glasses before. I also kept looking at things in the distance and realising they were clear now. The checkup went well and I was given the all clear to drive, just to be careful at night with the lights. I had a good day, just felt like my eyes dried out a few times, but that’s what the drops are for. I have to go back next week for another checkup, then a again in month.

Today I realised how much I am glad I had it done. I was driving around today and doing things normally, and I wasn’t squinting at all. My eyes still dry out, but that is normal. I also feel like my eyes get tired and heavy, but again this is normal.

I can’t wait to get running a nod swimming again and take in what I can see. I want to enjoy what I do and I think seeing it clearly will help this a lot 🙂

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