WW Week Three

A very short week this week as I got to weigh in on my preferred day – today!

I lost 2lbs, which was a lovely surprise. I was hoping to have lost the pound I put on last week, but didn’t think I would lose anymore as I haven’t been active.

This week my focus is sticking within my daily allowance and only using my weekly for Friday. I’m not going to get much activity in this coming week, so I need to focus on my points. I bought some snacks from my meeting for the long weekend. I’m also getting my eyes lasered, so know I might be feeling sorry for myself again.

I really enjoyed the meeting topic this week. We didn’t stick to the proper one about family dining, but rather made it applicable to those of us where that isn’t the main focus.

Instead we talked about spinning plates. 5 to be exact. Planning, Sticking Within Points, Activity, Tracking and one more I cannot remeber as I write this. We talked about which ones we need to give a bit more attention or has a tendency to wobble or fall. For me that is sticking within my points! But remebering that it is okay they they fall every now and then as we aren’t perfect and that isn’t what we want to be striving for. Also they are plastic, so won’t break. They can be picked up and be backing spinning in no time.


Others are easier and require less attention. For me activity and planning are the easiest. I’ve got this into my life and they are habits. I don’t have to force myself very often to do these.

Also some can go hand in hand. Planning and tracking could be. For example I could improve my tracking by putting my meal plan into my tracker at the start of the week, rather than wait until the day. That way I don’t have to think as it’s already been decided and I know what points I still have left for whatever I fancy in the moment. I am going to try this!

It really got me thinking this week and I feel positive and motivated to keep going and enjoy the long weekend 🙂

I’ve also just signed up to s few events later in the year so am going to put together a summer training plan!

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