Adventures in Coffee… Costa Spiced Passionata

Just found these photos form my trip to Porto, where one day we found a Costa. The coffee was really good in Porto, but it was always in espresso form and unfortunately there are times it is just needed to have a large coffee. So we were extremely happy to find this place.

I made sure I tried something that wasn’t available at home – Spiced Passionata – a flat white coffee spiced with cinnamon and chilli. A really nice warming drink, but also refreshing. I love a proper flat white and this took it to new level.20130424-214906.jpg

It must have been a new shop as it was so quiet when we went in, then the next day it was super busy!20130424-215036.jpg

It had the same things as the ones in the UK, but also some different things. Plus they served beer! My twitter friend Ellie found out that that there are ones in London that do this, and they are known as platinum stores. 20130424-215048.jpg

It was located in a lovely place near the amazing book shop.20130424-215105.jpg

See beer!20130424-215116.jpg

I also tried the cherry and white chocolate cake. This was really light, which was a nice surprise 🙂20130424-215127.jpgI love trying new places, but then it is nice to find something slightly familiar as a break to relax and reflect.


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