Adventures in Audiobooks… City of Ashes

city of ashes cassandra clare


“With her mother in a coma and her father hell-bent on destroying the world, Clary is dragged deeper into New York’s terrifying underworld of werewolves, demons and the mysterious Shadowhunters. Discovering the truth about her past was only the beginning, now Clary must save the world from her own father – the rogue Shadowhunter Valentine. With two of the Mortal Instruments at his command, Valentine is assembling an army of demons to wage war on the council of Shadowhunters and destroy them once and for all. As the battle begins, Clary must face her darkest fears – and come to terms with her feelings for a boy she wishes wasn’t her brother.”

This is the second book in the Mortal Instruments series and it’s great! I loved the first one and was really happy to get the second one from my library on CD so soon after.

The story carried on where it left off from book one so I don’t want to give too much away. I can say the characters develop further and you get to know them all bit more. Also new characters are introduced, which open the world further as well as going to new places.  More of the history before the books is revealed as well, which helped me make sense of the current story a bit more.

The only thing that I feel uneasy about is the feelings Clary and Jace have for each, when they are brother and sister. It is hinted at there might be more to them than meets the eye, so I am intrigued rather than creeped out. There is definitely more to come.

I now really want to read book three and the books after, but I made myself not buy any more books until I’ve read the ones I’ve got already and I also wanted to read more classics, so I am trying to hold out until I can either get it from the library or from Audible.

I haven’t felt like this about a series for a while and I love it!

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