Adventures in Coffee… Kopi Sumatra Aceh Organic

I bought this as a present for my Dad at Christmas and he took ages to use the voucher, then gave the coffee to me as he forgot to order ground and didn’t want to buy a grinder. I’m not complaining as I love coffee, as you know, and he is so hard to buy for anyway I’m not surprised some presents don’t get used.

So this was the coffee Kopi sent out in April – Sumatra Aceh Organic.20130506-102756.jpg

What I love about coffee clubs is that they send you tasting notes and information about where the coffee comes from. This coffee comes from a village called Gegarang in Indonesia. It was processed in the traditional way known as Gilling Basah (wet grinding). It is nice to read about where the coffee comes from and how they make it what it is.20130506-102803.jpg

The coffee smelt amazing, like most newly opened coffees. I like Sumatran coffees as they tend to be on the rich and bold side. This one is stated as having chocolate, tangerine and vanilla flavours. This is because the coffee is planted amongst chillies, red beans and other tropical plants.20130506-102809.jpg

I ground only what I needed for a nice French press and brewed as directed for 3 minutes. I tried the coffee black and then with milk. Both extremely nice. I learnt from my time in Seattle that it is best to try coffee at several temperatures and sometimes they taste better once cooled down slightly.20130506-102814.jpg

This is a very nice coffee. I will keep the notes as I think this is one, with Guatemala beans I will keep a look out for.20130506-102819.jpgI am looking forward to extending my coffee club membership once I reach a weight loss goal 🙂


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