Adventures in Wine… Porto Port Tasting

One of the best bits of my trip to Porto was the afternoon we spent tasting Port by the river. We went to Kopke as Ingrid had been before and knew they also gave you chocolates  🙂


I loved the bottles that were on display in the reception.20130424-215540.jpg

Also love the theme inside. Lots of black and silver with purple candle surrounded in coffee beans. I love this idea for displaying cables!20130424-215602.jpg

We sat by the window so it was difficult to get a good picture of both of us.20130424-215643.jpg

But we got better ones side on. We were given five wines to taste – two table wines and three ports.



Plus we had a quite a few chocolates to enjoy with it.20130424-215745.jpg

The table wines were nice, I preferred the red to the white though. Then we had  one white, ruby and tawny port. Each glass were supposed to hold tastes, but we felt they gave us a whole glass of each, so it was very much worth the month. They went through each glass when they brought them to the table, but left no notes so I quickly forgot what I was supposed to be tasting, but we got by just fine.

I wanted to bring some back, but as I only took hand luggage I could buy it here, but luckily they sold it in the airport 🙂


I’m going to keep the bottle and box as I think it makes a nice addition to my bookshelf 🙂


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