Adventures in Books… A Streetcat Named Bob

a0728d1e84566c09824335276-1346318777987Wile travelling to Porto I read the lovely book A Streetcat Named Bob.

I bought this book after seeing it quite a few times while wandering book shops over winter. I finally bought it when I was given a book token.

It’s a lovely story about a recovering addict getting his life back on track and after meeting then adopting a ginger cat he named Bob his life becomes more focused and he wants to move forward.

It’s an easy, quick read, at only took me a few hours.

This book has made me decide I am definitely going to get a cat in the next few months. The companionship and responsibility appeals to a part of me that has been left neglected in recent years. I think that taking care of a living creature will give me focus to, but also company and structure.

This story shows the good in people and that we can put others before ourselves, but benefit from it in good ways. It also shows that some people are not worth your time and can provide the insight into moving on to something new.

This story was about real life, without being an autobiography or preachy. It’s probably not the whole story, but the bits worth telling.

Overall I really enjoyed it and think if you like cats or want a nice story to restore your faith in humanity in small ways then give this book a read. It made me smile, worry and laugh.

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