Wandering in Porto

Last weekend  I got to to explore Porto with my friend Ingrid!

It was so nice to get away and that it was warm was an added bonus.

Porto in Portugal is a lovely city that impressed me greatly and I would recommend anyone to visit. Its a beautiful city on the river and close to the ocean. We walked everywhere to explore the city. It is very hilly, but worth it to get close to the river and then the views from higher up.

We stayed new the main square, which seemed to be the centre for arts.20130428-183959.jpg



The main bridge was designed by the man who designed the Eiffel Tower. It was lovely to sit by the river and watch the world go by.


The bakeries were amazing! So many different cakes and breads. We tried a variety over the weekend – no wonder I put on weight, but worth it!


There was also an amazing bookshop which I could have stayed in for a really long time if it hadn’t been so busy. If it had been quiet it would have been a really peaceful place to explore.20130428-184111.jpg


I love all the red terracotta roofs.20130428-184152.jpg

We went a on river boat trip and also Port Tasting, but I’ll cover that in another post 🙂20130428-184221.jpg

We spent a lovely afternoon at the Crystal Palace gardens.20130428-184252.jpg

Lots of the churches have amazing tiled walls.20130428-184311.jpg

Overall it was a lovely weekend away. Four nights is perfect for a European city break. Porto held more wonders than I had expected and it is a lovely place place to visit with reasonable prices too.


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