Adventures in Audiobooks… One Shot


I made a change from my normal authors and reads and downloaded a book I fancied seeing what it is was like now its been made into a movie.

“Six shots. Five dead.
A heartland city thrown into terror. But within hours the cops have it solved. A slam-dunk case. Apart from one thing. The accused gunman refuses to talk except for a single phrase:
Get Jack Reacher for me.
Reacher lives off the grid. He’s not looking for trouble. But sometimes trouble looks for him. What could connect the ex-military cop to this psychopathic killer?”

I liked this book. It was very different for me, but similar to Kathy Riechs in terms of crime thriller. This was the 9th in the series and normally I would start at the beginning, but I read some reviews and they seemed to say that it doesn’t really matter about what order you read them in. I have to admit I didn’t really learn anything about the main character Jack Reacher in this book.

The story was interesting. I couldn’t work out how it would end, but they let you in on who did it early on, but not why. That was the bit I couldn’t work out and that kept me engaged.

I was only disappointed that the book ended very quickly. I don’t like when you don’t learn much about the characters after things take place. I am intrigued to read more of this series to see if more character development takes place and I think they will be entertaining and interesting to read.

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