Adventures in Books… Bones Are Forever

9780434021147I love Kathy Reichs and her character Temperance Brennan. It is the main crime series I read and I don’t know what it is about them, but I get sucked in every time. The latest one in the series is also the first I’ve listened to as an audiobook.

“A newborn baby is found wedged in a vanity cabinet in a rundown apartment near Montreal. Dr Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist to the province of Quebec, is brought in to investigate. While there, she discovers the mummified remains of two more babies within the same room. Shocked and distressed, Tempe must use all her skills and inner strength to focus on the facts. But when the autopsies reveal that the children died of unnatural causes, the hunt for the mother – a young woman with a seedy past and at least three aliases – is on. The trail leads Tempe to Yellowknife, a cold, desolate diamond-mining town on the edge of the Arctic Circle, where her quest for the truth only throws up more questions, more secrets, and more dead bodies. Taking risks and working alone, Tempe refuses to give up until she has discovered why the babies died. But in such a hostile environment, can she avoid being the next victim?”

This story started out as a simple hunt for a mother who had killed her newborn babies, but turned into something much more complicated. I think this is what I like about them maybe. It’s that the story develops are time goes by and as new evidence is found. It is very much about following the evidence and not always about following the people, as that comes for following the evidence. I also like that they are smart and explain things are they come along, not just assuming the reader knows everything, but also not being patronising. The main character often has to do research and parts of the story are all about this. For example I learned about the diamond and mining industry in Canada. Also I loved that this one was set in Alberta and thought of my friend Ingrid when it went into details of certain places 🙂

There were definitely parts of the story that seems far fetched. I felt some parts were made as though they could be used for the TV show Bones. But I didn’t really mind as it put action into the story.

The female narrator was good for the female characters, but I did find it hard to distinguish the male characters sometimes. I think that is my one pet peeve of audiobooks, is that there is usually only one narrator. I would love to see a different person for each character. It may be completely annoying, but I would give it a listen.

It was nice to listen to something a bit different last week. I started out listening to something else, but the narrator got completely on my nerves so got out my latest Audible purchase instead and was very glad I did!

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