Highworth 5 Race

Today I took part in my first ever running club event – a 5 mile run organised by the Highworth Running club. We all met at the local supermarket then went in groups to the race. That was really nice as I’m always more nervous about the pre-race part than the actual event. So it was great for me to go with a group and know people already and just be able to follow everyone else.

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The race started off at a local school and we all got ready. I almost ran in just my vest, but then decided not to try anything new and put my long sleeved top back on. I’m glad I did as it was fairly windy.

At 11am we headed out to the road and started the 5 mile course. It was on roads all the way and fairly flat for the first 4 miles, with some nice gently meandering down hills. The cars were pretty good at going past slowly apart form on the main road at miles 4 to 5, but we were all spread out by then so no problems.

My aim was to run the whole way and I did! I was so happy I ran up the hill, everyone had been talking about. The hill wasn’t too bad, but the problem is that it’s at mile 4 and doesn’t stop until towards the end when we headed back into the school! Everyone I was running with walked once we reached the hill, but I kept going and slowly made my way up. It was hard, but I did it. That’s where they decided to take the club photos!

893058_10151470107613138_482521373_oI actually like these photos. I managed to smile and kept running as there were a couple of team members cheering us on at that point and knew it wasn’t far to go.
893396_10151470108088138_1777436269_oIt was hard at this point because the people who had walked up the hill were starting to overtake again, but I was running out of steam. This is where the horrible thoughts started appearing and it was a struggle all the way to the finish. The hardest part of this the whole race was the last 300 metres! I headed into the school and thought I was done, but I had to run round the field before finishing. The only thing that kept me going were my team mates cheering me on. It was so hard, but I kept going and did it!

54 minutes 50 seconds!

I was aiming for 1 hour 10 minutes, and did it 15 minutes faster! I still can’t believe it. I feel great and so proud of myself. I have another medal to add to my collection too 🙂

20130414-202029.jpg 20130414-202035.jpg

I am so glad I joined my local running club. I feel part of a team and group that supports each other. I have come so much further than I thought I could have when I started running last August. I’m Proud to be a Hound!


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