Adventures in Coffee… Whole Foods Kensington Blend


This was a very nice coffee! I’ve enjoyed it black on my way to work, as a latte and an espresso 🙂


It’s a good all rounder coffee. Nice and bold, but smooth enough to enjoy leisurely. I think this is the best new coffee I’ve had this year. It’s a shame I got it from somewhere I very much doubt I’ll be visiting again – High Street Kensington London. However if Whole Foods want to send me some more they would be very welcome 😉

This coffee was nice and bold. I think the beans gave a good indication of that. They were dark and slightly oily, but not greasy. They ground well at home, into a nice find grind for my espresso machine. The crema on top of my espresso was nice and golden and when I added milk for the latte it had those nice coffee foam edges round the edge of the mug 🙂

I am enjoying having nice coffee at home in pretty much any way I want. I haven’t used my filter cone in a while, so I think I will try this one in that next 🙂

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