Adventures in Audiobooks… Moon Over Soho



I got this audiobook from the library as I thought I should give it a go even though I didn’t really fully enjoy the first book in the series – Rivers of London.

I am glad I did as I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first. I think it was the narrator as he made the character more likeable. He wasn’t great for the female parts as to me they sounded a lot older than they were meant to be. The main female character and love interest was meant to be 30, but to me I pictured at least a 50 year woman, so that was a bit annoying. Otherwise he made the book really interesting.

This books continued to use the geography of London to base the story and I liked it even though I don’t know London that well. I liked that the author had taken the time to show the detail of the world.

The story centred about the jazz scene and that was interesting too. It had history and intrigue, which kept me engaged throughout. There were two story lines or crimes that became linked as the story developed. The story was very dark and creepy at points, but that was nice after reading a lot of young adult fiction lately. There were definitely bits I didn’t feel were necessary, but overall I enjoyed the turns the story took.

I think another thing about enjoying this more as an audiobook because I didn’t get stuck in how long the chapters were. That is something i remember being quite annoying in the last book as I couldn’t just sit and read a chapter, as they were long. But being in the car it wasn’t noticeable.

There is another book in the series so far and I’ll be getting that as a audiobook at some point in the future 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Audiobooks… Moon Over Soho

  1. I liked this one too, but I feel I liked the first one best – fewer unecessary bits in that one, if I remember correctly. I think there’s a fourth one coming out sometime soon – I’m looking forward to it! I really love the geography aspect of it all and how he mixes the fantasy bits in to the London we’re familiar with.
    I also see you’re reading City of Bones! Can I ask what you think of it yet or are you going to review that one? Are you reading it or listening to it?

    1. I think I liked this one more because I liked the narrator. I didn’t like the characters when reading it myself, so the narrator made me like them.
      Yes currently listening to City of Bones! Did you say you didn’t like the woman narrator? I find her a bit annoying, but like the book so far, I’m intrigued as I have no idea where the book is going, although I think I know who her father is!
      I’m super excited to come over to Portugal! I need to go get a guide book – I love guide books! Plus I love putting them on my travel shelf 🙂

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