I Have a Plan!

A 3 and 6 month plan to be exact!

I’ve been feeling rubbish about myself these last few weeks. I’ve let everything go and am now feeling the consequences. I feel heavy, tired, I don’t fit into my clothes, I have no direction and I want to get off medication. Now I am in my house it is time to get into gear and become the person I’ve been waiting to become. I thought moving out I would magically become that person, but deep down I knew it would take work and now it’s time to focus myself.

So I’ve spent the last week reviewing my goals, motivations and options to reach where I want to be.

My 2013 Health Goals

  • Lose 50lbs
  • Fit in a size 14 Gap Jeans (UK size)
  • Run 10km
  • Swim 5km
  • Do a Triathlon
  • Get Off Medication for Depression

To do these I have to break them down in more manageable chunks. Hence my 3 and 6 month plans 🙂

3 Month Plan

  • Goals
    • Lose 16lbs to reach 200lbs
  • How:
    • Sign up for 6 Month Ki Fit Membership
    • Use Fitbook to break it down into weekly goals and progress
    • Use MFP to track my food and link it to Ki Fit
  • Motivations:
    • Girls Meal in April
    • Local 5km Race for Life in June
    • Second Swimming Club Gala in July
    • Running Club 10km Event
  • Rewards:
    • Book a holiday for September
    • Coffee or Tea Subscription
    • Purchase Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Programme for 6 Month Plan

6 Month Plan

  • Review 3 Month Plan and decide specific goals
  • How:
    • Ki Fit, Fitbook, MFP and Body Revolution
  • Motivations:
    • Triathlon
    • Holiday
  • Rewards:
    • Book Mont Blanc walking holiday for Spring 2014
    • Clothes

I feel good about this. I know I’ve had plans before and not fulfilled them, but this has got to change. I need to do some digging into myself as to why I have put weight back on and what is stopping me from losing weight. I need to ask myself some tough questions and stop denying what is really wrong. I am going to use my CBT sessions to dig into this with help. I know my behaviours are causing the issues, so I need to work out why I am behaving the way I am and then work to change the triggers. It’s going to hard work, but I need to do this to live the life I want to live.

I am waiting for my Fitbook to arrive, so am holding off on ordering my new Ki Fit subscription until it arrives then will start the 3 month plan properly. But until then I am going to work like it’s here and focus on getting back into exercising regularly and tracking all my food. These are areas I’ve neglected so it will good to focus just on those for a week, then bring in the other aspects when the Fitbook arrives.

My plan is to review each week on here and more if necessary. I need to be accountable to myself and for it to be visible to more than just me. So join me on the next adventure 🙂

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2 thoughts on “I Have a Plan!

  1. Good luck with this Angie. I’m in a similar place to you at the moment and want to really become the real me. I’ll be following you on this adventure and rooting for you at every step! X

    1. Thanks Sheli! It was time to be honest with myself so I wrote it down then put it in a post 🙂
      It is an adventure finding the real us, so lets enjoy it!

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