Things I’m Loving… 29 by 29 Update 2

I wanted to do an update on how I’m getting on with my 29 by 29 list this month:

  1. Move into my own place – Complete 🙂
  2. Adopt a cat
  3. Do a Super Sprint Triathlon – 400m swim, 20km bike, 2.5km run – Still thinking about this.
  4. Take part in running club events and volunteer to help when I can’t take part – decided to work towards the 10km event in the summer 🙂
  5. Do the Parkrun once a month and volunteer as a marshall
    1. January = 38:19
    2. February = 34:40
  6. Bake more bread
  7. Complete the CBT Journal for Dummies – Working my way through this!
  8. Read more classic books as part of my 2013 reading challenge – This might change to audio books, as I haven’t ‘read’ a single book since starting my new job.
  9. Stick to my budget and save for holidays and house things – this needs an overhaul after buying lots when moving.
  10. Take a bike maintenance course
  11. Join a WW meeting and work towards goal – a post coming up on how this is changing.
  12. Blog – maybe a redesign 😉 – This was forced when Wordpress was updated!
  13. Plan budget friendly trips – been thinking about this week and am going to see my friend Ingrid in Portugal next month and then planning a walking holiday for later in the year.
  14. Try acupuncture – this is going to depend on finances 🙁
  15. Keep working to create and maintain good mental health – Doing well with this and feeling positive 🙂
  16. Join a coffee club – it’s one of my fitness/weight rewards for the next few months 🙂
  17. Take part in the Masters galas and club championships
    1. February Gala – 2 Golds and 2 Silvers!
  18. Work out savings plan for trip to Japan – this is on hold 🙁
  19. Catch up on Greys Anatomy
  20. Get regular haircuts – Had one last weekend and booked the next for three months time 🙂
  21. Move forward with my life and make new friends – making work friends 🙂
  22. Do my best at my new job – I am enough – Still think this is going well.
  23. Keep my commute healthy – Needs some work so I’m not starving in the evening.
  24. Listen to Harry Potter audiobooks – Books one and two done 🙂
  25. Get rid of stuff I no longer need when I move – this is what is remaining in my unpacked room.
  26. Use the mantra ‘F**k It’ – doing good with this 🙂
  27. Take up pilates or yoga
  28. Create photo albums for all my trips
  29. Try two new recipes a month from my cook books – Going to do this from now 🙂

I’m feeling good at the moment, but know there are areas of my life that need a bit more attention. I am shifting my focus a little to reflect my current place and am looking forward to things again. It might have something to do with the sun shining as I write this and spring just around the corner, but overall things feel more positive. I’m okay with where I am and not worrying about where I am going, just keeping a few ambitions in mind to make sure I see opportunities when they arise. I’ve spent a bit of time this last week breaking down some goals into smaller chunks and feel better about working towards them. I know I need to challenge myself and that’s why I’ve added a walking holiday to my plans this year – a challenge and a break 🙂

Hope everyone is feeling good and working towards their goals or just enjoying life as it is  – I am 🙂

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