Adventures in Audiobooks… The Red Pyramid


This was an extra purchase from Audible last month as they sent round a £5 voucher, which made this only £3 – bargain!

I loved the Percy Jackson series, so thought I would give this one a go as it’s by the same author. Rather than the greek myths, this books looks at the Egyptian myths and history. I love how the author mixes facts with adventure and myth. It is very much a children’s books, but it was fun and interesting and great for driving to and from work 🙂

The story follows a brother and sister who go on a journey to find their dad and save the world. They meet different Egyptian gods along the way, some good and some bad. They learn magic and use it battle evil and bring the forces of good together.

I have to say my commutes are getting harder and the only thing that is getting me through it looking forward to the time I can spend ‘reading’ a book. I haven’t actually read a book since starting my new job 2 months ago, which makes me sad, but I don’t feel I’m missing out completely.

This book was the first one I’ve listened to that had two narrators, one male and one female, to do each of the character by chapter. It was an interesting way to do it and I did like having a different between the two main characters, but I occasionally got confused when each narrator tried to do a similar voice for the same characters. But that is why I like listening to the unabridged versions, as I get the whole text and can follow things easier.

Overall a fun, easy book to listen to and follow. I’ll be on the look out for the next one in the series 🙂

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