A Ki Fit Year In Review

I have come to the end of my year long subscription to Ki Fit and wanted to do a review of the entire time.

I started out weighing 239.6lbs and last time I weighed 214.4lbs on the 10th Feb (I moved and need new scales). Overall I lost 25.2lbs! That is fantastic and looking at it like that shows the progress I made last year, even when it didn’t feel like I was making any. That is the equivalent of half a pound a week, which is good rate of weight loss 🙂

I wore the Ki Fit armband the majority of the time. I took it off for a month in October as I needed a break, then missed February when I couldn’t sync. Also in February I noticed that my arm started to feel much better and that I think the armband restricted my arm during strength training. Other than that I got data for everyday. I don’t think I used it to it’s full potential over the entire year. It was easy to get bogged down in the data and then not use it at all. I would often forget to sync each day and therefore not track my food in line with what I burnt.

I wanted to lay out my pros and cons after using it for a year. There are definitely more pros than cons, but the cons have made me decide not to renew my subscription straight away and start looking at alternatives.


  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Goal Orientated
  • Linked with My Fitness Pal
  • Breakdown between moderate and vigorous activity
  • Whole lifestyle orientated


  • Armband is noticeable (conscious of it at work)
  • No wireless syncing
  • Armband started to affect my arm during strength training
  • Subscription only

Overall I love the Ki Fit and would love to continue wearing it if a few improvements were made, mainly if it was smaller and had wireless realtime syncing to dashboard or app.

I am currently looking at the Fit Bit and Nike Fuelband as alternatives as they are much smaller, but I know they won’t be as accurate as they do not take as many readings as the Ki Fit. I can’t decide at the moment, but know I want to continue getting this kind of data as I find it motivating and I tend to push myself a bit more when I know my activity levels and calorie burn. I am drawn to the Fit Bit as there are linked wifi scales that go with it, but I worry I might lose it. Whereas I like the idea of a bracket for the fuelband. I need to weigh up the options 🙂

I highly recommend the Ki Fit for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves. I think I will sign up for another subscription when I have specific goal I am working towards, or if they bring out a new wireless armband 😉

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