Adventures in Audiobooks… Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


I love having Stephen Fry reading these stories to me. It makes me enjoy my commute to and from work each day!

This isn’t one of my favourite books of the series, but I appreciate it more now then when I first read it. It’s nice to go back and see things differently as I know the ending and where the story goes to get there. It’s nice to notice the little things I did t pick up on before knowing the end. I think J K Rowling did an amazing job with the details and plotting the stories and incorporating things that are important in the final books in the first few books!

I like parts of this book lots as it introduces more characters and more of the magical world. It still feels like its strong the scene and hints are light and fun. The first two are really children’s books and that is great. There is an innocence about them that draws me in a d makes me forget the outside world for a while.

This was also fun as I went to London the week I was listening to this and got to visit Platform 9 & 3/4! I did t queue to get my photo take. As it was held term and really busy but I did to in the shop 🙂


I’m working my way through the series listening to one a month and I’m already looking forward to the third one planned for March 🙂

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