A Whole Week

I can’t believe I’ve been a house owner for a whole week!

I feel great, but also completely disorganised, which is stressing me out and making me anxious!

Ice only unpacked the essentials and my second bedroom is just full of stuff. My sofa and bedroom furniture is being delivered tomorrow. I hope once that is in and built I’ll be able to unpack properly and feel better. Plus not so many people will be dropping round to help with things and I will start to relax.

I suppose I just feel out of sorts. Starting a new job and moving house has tired me out so much! I cannot wait until next weekend when I’ll have the whole time to myself and even if I haven’t unpacked everything I am spending the whole weekend doing nothing! I can’t wait 🙂

I think it will take me a while to settle in and feel relaxed. I wake up at every sound at the moment, but I’m hoping that will pass in time. I’m back in therapy doing some intensive CBT and I think it’s worked out well timing wise. I can talk about the things that stress me and make me anxious (which is quite a lot right now!) and am working on the tools I can use (rather than food) to cope. It’s hard, but I know in the long term I am doing the right thing to get well.

I am happy I’ve made this decision to get my own sanctuary that is what it is to me, a sanctuary. It is so nice to go home to my own peaceful place 🙂

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