Adventures in Audiobooks… Pegasus and the Flame



This was a random find on the local library catelogue. I looked it up online and Rick Riordan, the author of Percy Jackson had written a good review, so I thought I would give it a go. The local library has a fantastic selection of audio books!

I enjoyed the story in the this books, but the woman reading it was not to my taste. I felt she made the characters seem winey and pathetic sometimes, when I think I would have read them as having courage while being scared. So I found that a bit distracting. It is clearly more a children’s books than I imagining. Percy Jackson were children’s books, but I think more like Harry Potter, than this one. It was a nice change to listen to something completely new though.

It was a very short book, as it only took four days journeys to work to finish. It’s easy to read and listen to. It takes a girl from her ordinary world and into a world of danger and adventure. I have also got to listen to the other two that have been released – I’m a sucker for a series! I’m not sure I’d recommend it to friends, but I would if they had kids 🙂

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