Adventures in Coffee… Taylors Columbia High Andes


I had to grab some ground coffee last week as I had run out! Crazy!

I went for something on offer in the supermarket and got Taylors. This one is nice, but you do have to get the amount of coffee per cup right. It’s easily too strong or too weak. This is annoying as I’m not the most awake when I’m making my travel press for the journey for work!

Saying that when I do get it right it is a nice strong medium roast, with an taste on the acidic side. It’s a very nice morning cup. I haven’t had chance to test it in my espresso machine (that’s in my new house already) so I can’t compare the French press taste to anything. But I think it would make a mellow espresso 🙂

Coffee makes me happy. The preparation, the wait and warmth, as well as the taste are sometimes all I need to feel content 🙂

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