Adventures in Audiobooks… The Hobbit

The Hobbit 01

I live this book and I wanted to re-read it before watching the movie in December, but I just did not have time. But in a way I’m glad I didn’t and got the audio book instead as really bought the story to life!

I was unsure when the reader started at the beginning, but then loved his voice variations for all the different characters!

The story is still great, but I can’t believe how much I had forgotten! I was sceptical about it being turned into three films, but the book leaves so much scoops for expansion. It speeds through some key parts of the story that I’m sure will be much longer in the films. I’m so excited to see how they do it.

Overall the book is great. It’s about adventure and friendship. It’s about pushing yourself beyond your expectations of yourself and adapting to the world you finds yourself in. I loved re-reading this book and being drawn into the story and developing feelings for the characters. It definitely made my journeys to and from work very enjoyable last week 🙂

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