Things I’m Loving… Benefit How to Look Good at Everything

I saw this before Christmas and thought it would be perfect to have in my handbag for work and it has been super handy in the last couple of weeks.

I decided when I got my new job I wanted to be smarter and check my makeup during the day. I have a tendency for rubbing my face during the day and have noticed sometimes I have very little makeup left on by the end of the day. I also hate carrying around more than I need, so this is exactly what I was after.

This will also be great for when I start running at work. I won’t need to take my whole make up bag with me on those days, just my running gear 🙂

So in the kit is a mini primer, a mini liquid foundation, two concealers and a mini pressed powder. I usually use a couple of things at a time to touch up, then all after running. I love the box it is all held in as it stops anything getting squashed. It also looks like a little book, which makes me happy 🙂

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