Adventures in (Audio)Books… Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone



As you’ve probably figured out from my previous adventures I love Harry Potter. I started reading the books after the fourth one was published and haven’t looked back.

With my commute meaning I need to listen to books rather than read them I am making the most of my library and borrowing audiobooks. First up is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone read by Stephen Fry.

I love Harry Potter and I love Stephen Fry, so combing the two is my idea of amazing and it was! I listened to this book in 3 days and really enjoyed hearing the story again. I can’t remember the last time I read the first few books. it was probably before the last books came out, or maybe the last film, but it’s been a few years. It took me back to a time when I was more carefree and I liked the memories it brought back.

This story is the simplest of the series, but it is a good start and excellent at setting the scene. It was funny as listening to the story highlighted things mentioned in the books that relate to later on in the series. I do like re-reading books and realising I missed things that hinted at future plot lines or characters intensions. The subtly used can be amazing.

It is a kids book through and through, but I’m okay with reading kids books at 28. They are all about having an adventure. Like I said before it took me back to a younger me for a couple of hours a day and I enjoyed it.

I’m looking forward to listening to the other books. I will break them up over the next few months, so I don’t get fed of Stephen Fry. I have my January Audible book in the car now and then have borrowed The Hobbit from the library too 🙂

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