Making Time for Fitness

With the new job and the commute I have less time than I used to. Fitting everything in is a struggle so I have had to prioritise things.

Fitness is one of my top priorities, but it has been hard to keep up in the last few weeks with starting the new job and the weather – we British are rubbish with snow 😉

I learned last year that exercise is a good for both my body and mind and therefore I will not let it slip. I gave myself some leeway when I started my job to get used to the commute and the new working hours, but now I want to ensure I am working out efficiently as possible. I want to get the value I need from it. I have been able to throw in some workouts when I’ve been stressed, which has been good.

With the tiredness and stress over the las week or so I have missed being having the time to commit to my workouts. Swimming and the gym have been hit with reduced session and getting running club regularly has bit hit by the timing of my commute. The snow also called off running this week, including the local park run on Saturday. However running is something I can do anywhere – including lunchtimes at work!

So a goal for the coming months is to get into the routine of running a couple of lunchtimes a week. I also want to explore the river paths where my new job is located, rather than walking into town. As the nights get lighter I know this will become easier.

I also would like to get my food in balance. My Ki Fit has gone wrong in the last week and I have totally used that as an excuse not to track properly and with being on course in London all week causing extreme tiredness has meant I have put on 1.2lbs. I also binged because I didn’t get my Chartered Environmentalist. I was angry, sad, disappointed, ready to give up, stressed, and scared. I felt like a failure and although I tried to talk to myself kindly and show myself evidence that this was not the case, all I wanted was to eat to take away the feelings. It worked in the moment, but after I didn’t feel any different. It didn’t take away my thoughts or the feelings, but it gave me comfort. I would like to find a way to get comfort form another source, but I didn’t know where to turn. So I turned inward.

I had a fantastic talk with Mara this week after winning a session with her from her blog. We spoke about deserving and self-care. This is something I want to work and would like to thank Mara so much for giving away an hour of her time. I would like to continue with what we spoke about and hopeful work with Mara again to take it further. It is about starting small and recognising the things we do to take care of ourselves. A lot things we do subconsciously because they are already habits. Fitness for me is something i do for self-care. Yes it helps me stay fit and hopefully lose weight, but in the last year I have realised it does so much more for my head and body than I gave it credit for. I know creating a balance that works for me with my food is also a part of my self-care.

So my goal for the week ahead is to track my food. I forget what I eat, so although this is a diet tool, it is valuable to me and helps me create a balance. Simple.

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