Adventures in (Audio)Books… City of Dragons

city of dragons

This was my second book from Audible and I am so glad I’ve started listening to audiobooks on my commute as it makes the time in the car fly by 🙂

This was the third book in the Rain Wild series and it was weird to start with. I find I pronounce things in my head the way I see it in the book, but the audio book then pronounces it correctly!

The story carried on from Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven continuing the quest to find a place for the new dragons to live and thrive. I felt he characters developed a but more in this one and some had changes so much from the first book that I now liked them a lot more.

I love Robin Hobb. The Liveship Traders and Farseer Trilogy are some of my favourite books and I love that the two world link. This is another extension of the world from he previous series, which I love. It is familiar, but different as time has passed and the world changes. Her writing is detailed but not waffling. She describes a world she knows and wants to show you and let you enter. It is not a complicated story but the detail provides the depth and experience.

I am super excited for the final book, Blood of Dragons that is due out later this year. I don’t know if ill be able to wait for the audiobook but I did love listening to the story just as much as reading it 🙂

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