My Motivators

This week went off the rails a bit. I put on 1.2lbs. I didn’t exercise as much as normal and then the snow came and the exercise I was going to do got cancelled – here in the UK we do not cope with snow well at all! We had about 10-15cm and that ground my town to a halt and work allowed me to work from home. Overall though I’ve felt a bit rubbish. I usually find having sports therapy releases some emotions, but this week it really took it out of my mentally and physically. I think I was a bit burnt out.

I think the tiredness from the new job and commute set in. Also having my Chartered Environmentalist interview was on Monday and I didn’t sleep well. I was then exhausted. I feel better after having a restful weekend and went to the gym this afternoon and felt good. This coming week is going to be a long one, but I want to concentrate on food as I know my exercise will still be affected by the weather and work arrangements.

I’ve also been looking back through my old Weight Watchers stuff before I re-join a meeting where my new job is located and came across the topic of motivators. I haven’t looked at these in a long time and like the distinction between internal and external motivators.

I have come to believe that having good internal motivators will be more beneficial in the long term than external ones. I think I have always had more external motivators in the past due to lack of belief in myself.

I want to change that, so here are my current motivators:


  • Self belief that I am enough and worthy of love and care
  • Pushing myself with new fitness challenges and knowing my body could do anything
  • Setting personal goals and working towards them to achieve them
  • Knowing I am working hard to overcome depression
  • That feeling after I complete a good workout – the best!


  • Getting medals for my fitness achievements – always nice!
  • Getting compliments from people
  • Buying new clothes in a smaller size
  • The number of the scale – it is a motivator even if I don’t want it to be

I also believe that motivators changes over time, depending on lots of different things. I would like to look at these again during the year. If they don’t come up in a meeting I will have a look in 6 months (reminder set!).

What are your motivators?

Do any one mine resonate with you?

Any you disagree with?

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