Adventures in (Audio)Books… Citadel

I downloaded this book for my free trial on Audible as thought this would be a good way to get through the commuting I’m going to be doing for my new job.

I knew I would like the story as I loved the other two books Kate Mosse has written for this series, so I thought it was a good book to try as my first audio book – never listened to a whole one before!

So this is about the book itself and audio books in general 🙂

I think I picked the longest audiobook I could. This book was in four parts and each part was six to seven hours long. Once I started listening to it in the car on the way to and from work I really got into it, but before that I struggled as I wasn’t listening regularly. I wanted to try the free trial and so listened when I could, like on the train or when cleaning, but it didn’t do it justice as I couldn’t keep up. I find that I need to listen and if I stop I lose track of what happens. Which makes listening the car the best place for me!

I liked this book. It was the third book in the series and there are links to the other books. I like the way history in intwined with fantasy. The stories span over hundreds of years and it can be difficult to remember who is who, but sometimes you are not meant to know until the end. My favourite book of this series is still the first – Labyrinth. That book was set in modern times and far back in history. This book was set in World War Two and linked back to the history of the first book. It was interesting as the whole series is set in the same part of France, and the map from the first book could be applied to this book, which was handy as you don’t get the map with the audiobook.

Overall I enjoyed this book in a sense it finished the series nicely, but it was not my favourite. It felt long winded and took a long time to get going. It then felt like all the action happened towards the end. I admit the first book took a while to get going, but I felt this would have been hard work to read in book form.

As my first experience of an audiobook, I loved it. It was so easy and using the Audible app on my phone meant I never lost my place. It also tells me how long I have left, which meant I could make sure I had another part or book ready to go when I finished. Audiobooks are the way forward for commute and I am extremely happy that the Audible subscription service is available as buying audiobooks is experience otherwise. I am also going to make use of my local library, but the selection is limited, but it might introduce me to some other books I wouldn’t see otherwise.

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